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Facts About Population

Population Growth

It took about 200,000 years to reach our first billion around 1800.  It took 12 years to add our last billion.  Is this sustainable population growth?  When Columbus came to America 500 years ago, global population was still only 425 million.

If it had remained at the 2 billion level, we would not be facing the high level of species extinction, global warming,or water shortages that are so worrisome today.

Governments should lead the way.

Australia is tackling the overpopulation crisis by appointing a Population Minister in addition to their Environment Minister.  

This is something all countries should be considering so that they have a ministry dedicated to achieving a sustainable population for the country and its resources.

This could be done by doing a carrying capacity study and conducting a meaningful public consultation process.

Japan's population is falling!

GREAT NEWS!!  Some countries like Japan are in the enviable position with a population that is decreasing because many families have decided not to have children. 

 This occurence is by choice and no coercive measures are being used.